The 50% OFF bursary for vulnerable youths from Love Uganda Foundations and Datamine Technical School
The 50% OFF bursary for vulnerable youths from Love Uganda Foundations and Datamine Technical School.
April 14, 2018
October 19, 2018

Simba Casino’s visit at Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage in Kalagi.

On 28th August 2018, Simba casino decided to visit Love Uganda Foundation orphanage in Kalagi, Mukono district in their “empowering the girl child” campaign, an act that is not so much considered by most of the best earning companies in Uganda.

Giving back to the community is without doubt the greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. It’s a total implication of unconditional love, teaching us to give without expecting anything in return. And simply that, is what makes us better people.

At love Uganda foundation, we believe that we all have a responsibility of giving back to the community. No one ever becomes successful without a little luck, working hard and support from others. So giving back only creates a right cycle for everyone to become successful.

Right from the time we received the first mail from Simba casino requesting to sponsor one of our girls at the orphanage, truthfully, they have for ever been good people work with; no complaints registered. To confirm that we are not scammers, they (particularly Doreen) visited our office premises located at Kubbiri roundabout, Gayaza road.

Here we presented the names of the six girls that we have at our home, and Kamusiime Prossy was the lucky one to be chosen, and she is to be sponsored for one year, with all school payments done for the whole year. Doreen had to inspect both the foundation orphanage and the school where the girl studies from to confirm the school charges and requirements. This was now confirmed.

However, due to their impactful purpose on the lives of the young generation, they decided to come and pay a visit to bless the all the innocent souls that we keep at the foundation orphanage, and the D-day was 28th August 2018, at 1pm.

Just like other normal visits at the home from different volunteers and companies, a few representatives from the Love Uganda foundation family were to welcome the Simba casino visitors. Little did we know that for this visit was exceptional, not like the others that we were used to.

With all the tension, eagerly expecting visitors that come in, the white car bumped in at exactly 4pm only to see the Simba casino members. Now this was the longer waited hour, we all jumped in excitement with huge smiles and children happily hugging everyone that comes out the car. Yes, the home was purely full of joy that one could easily say that we had a party going on.

We couldn’t believe our eyes on spotting the items they carried along for us, everything was in plenty. Matooke, rice, sodas, cooking oil, soap, salt, wheat, sandals, G.nuts, tooth paste and brushes, posho, shoe polish, biscuits, the list is so endless. They clearly brought everything that would be needed in a home.

More exciting on that day, Simba casino members introduced bricklets to the home. At our foundation orphanage we had only known cooking with fire wood and charcoal and now it is total upgrade. We use bricklets. To your surprise, we didn’t know how to use them, it was until one casino member gave us a demonstration on how to light the charcoal stove with bricklets on it.

Now the physical giving was done, it came to the food for the soul. Members gave exceedingly amazing motivational speeches that made all children happy. Surely, lovely words they said are to push the innocent orphans another mileage in their lives.

The saddest moment came, we had to say good bye to our lovely visitors because they had to leave early for the school to clear all the fees payments for our lucky young girl Kamusiime Prossy. Such times are always sorrowful, only wish it never had come. But even the sweetest things get completed, it was time for Simba casino members to leave. How we shall forever remember them for the joy, happiness and excitement they brought us that day. We shall always be grateful for such huge hearts.

If only all companies and people would consider visiting such homes, the world would be a convenient environment for everyone to live in. Such simple acts done with great love show the little orphans that it’s not the whole world that abandoned them, there are people outside that still think about them.

Don’t have second thoughts about giving, just go for it, visit the orphanages, donate and sponsor the needy children in Uganda. Such organizations like love Uganda foundation present the best opportunities to volunteer in Uganda and save the future generation.


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