May 30, 2019
June 18, 2019

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children” Nelson Mandela quoted. And yes everyone has posted atleast once a post that was advocating for human rights. But why is that the disabled in Uganda have been left out?

Is it that we consider them less people, those that don’t need our priority, those we look down on and those who don’t deserve to leave just lives?

People with disabilities are increasingly becoming the most vulnerable people in our society. Probably because no one has really come out to stand for their rights. The fact that they depend on others for care and support, they have been isolated.

It is of common knowledge that people with disabilities are at a greater risk of experiencing violence. But we shouldn’t forget that a person with any disability, regardless of the form, also has a right to freedom, respect, equality and dignity.

A recent systematic review found that 3 to 4 times the levels of violence of disabled people versus the ones who are normal. And there is literary little or nothing has been done about this violence of the disabled in Uganda

Oftenly the disabled in Uganda, mostly the girls are denied the chance to attend school. Ugandan parents have always thought that it’s a wastage of money to send a lame, deaf or even dumb child to school. Yet several deaf and dumb schools have been built to ensure that even the less privileged can attend school and also widen their knowledge capacity for a brighter future.

When it gets to jobs, disabled people are not considered at all. They are taken to be incapable despite their education background and experience. This has left many of these people dying out in absolute poverty even when they are yearning to work.

For the boys have fairly maneuvered through the daily lives, they have managed to get little paying jobs, made families and life is fairly good. They can at least afford two meals a day and take the children to school, though still work in isolation and not so many people want to associate with them.

Violence over the disabled people gets worse when it comes to women and girls. They are sexually abused and frequently raped. Unfortunate for some of the girls get infected with HIV/AIDS and sometimes impregnated. Now they suffer both the pain of being HIV/AIDS victims and teenage pregnancy.

However, this must be put on a stop. Disabled people also deserve to live just lives just like their counterparts. They need to be treated fairly, given equal opportunities, respect and dignity. They are not less people, having a disability doesn’t mean incapability, but rather not being able to do some of the things by yourself.

Let’s stand together with the few Non-government organizations that have come up to fight this violence on disabled women, the government bodies and private individuals. We can form one strong team that can stand for these voiceless people, advocate for their rights, send children back to school and teach adults entrepreneul skills so that they can be able to start up their small scale businesses other than seeking out for jobs that they will never be offered.

Remember, the world cannot only be made a better place by the big numbers of people, but rather the very few committed souls to changing lives. We can stop violence over the disabled in Uganda.



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