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January 28, 2021
Street Children in Uganda
February 15, 2021

When you sponsor a child, you are helping to ensure that they grow up healthy, learning and safe no
matter where they are born. Sponsoring a child is a personal way to show Gods love to a child in need.
In Uganda today there is a high rate of child abuse. Violence committed against children is very
prevalent. It frequently occurs within the heart of the family. Those who commit such violence are very
rarely brought to justice yet the protection of children must be incontestably reinforced because the
physical and psychological consequences of child abuse are both serious and long lasting.


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Child labour is an everyday reality children’s between the ages of 5to 14 are compelled to find an activity
that will improve their families financial sources that will help them survive. Child trafficking is equally
prevalent throughout the territory. Children are exploited in variety of ways; some become the pawns of
sex merchants, while others end up in drug trade.

Many Ugandan children suffer from malnutrition. The country’s northeastern region is very arid and the
most affected. There, the land is dry to produce adequate amount of food, consequently food shortages are
a regular problem. In 2010, around 40%of the children under the age of five suffered from deity short
comings. Multinutrition among children as a serious impact on their health .some die from it while others
exhibit deficiencies that can lead to any number of diseases. Therefore responding to vulnerable families
through early intervention and family support should be advocated because it is vital to children’s well
being and acts as an interrupting pattern of maltreatment.

Together we can solve this by investing in these kids through encouraging leaders in communities to be
supportive of children and poor families, through teaching them their rights because they are special and
have a right to be safe, through becoming advocates of change by contacting lawmakers, providing them
with the basic needs of life like education, food, shelter and clothing’s because no one has ever become
poor by giving.

With support from people like you we can help children gain the confidence they need to create lasting
change in their lives and communities, we can as well protect them from being exposed to the stress of
violence, gangs and drugs.

Making the choice to support a child can be a catalyst for major change in that Child’s life and
community! Children in impoverished countries are vulnerable because they are often over looked and
their needs go unmet. When you support a child through child sponsorship you will provide a child in
need with opportunities and care that will have an eternal impact.

When you make a decision to support a child through sponsorship, in addition to your love and prayers,
you will allow the sponsored child receive the following benefits:

Sponsorship in Uganda

Sponsor a child

a. Food and clean water
b. Medical care
c. Educational opportunities
d. Life skills training.
e. Regular monitoring of their progress and wellbeing.
f. Protection from abuse ,neglect and exploitation

When children find out they have been sponsored, the joy they feel is incredible. Just knowing that
someone across the globe cares means more than you can imagine. Sponsoring a child in need will
profoundly change the future for the child and will change your own life as well.
Jesus said. “Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me” (Mathew 18:5). This
shows that when you support a child, you are a blessing the heart of Jesus! In addition to doing something
good for another person supports and provides hope and opportunities that have an e. Multinutrition
among children as a serious impact on their health

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