March 13, 2019
April 11, 2019

Five million people die unnecessarily each year because of illnesses related to lack of clean water. Half of them are children under the age of five years. To bring it home, think about this: one child dies because of the lack of clean water every twelve minutes. And it is us to end this problem in Uganda to save the children.

Water is a vital human need for every person on earth, one needs at least 20 to 50 liters of clean and safe water a day for drinking, cooking and simply keeping themselves clean.

Education suffers when sick children miss school. Economic opportunities are routinely lost to the impacts of rampant illnesses and the time-consuming processes of acquiring water where it is not readily available. Children and women bear the brunt of these burdens.

Our bodies can only last for a few days without clean water. Still water is essential for proper health and facilitates a range of life sustaining functions like digestion, metabolic stability and cell plus organ health.

Few people understand what it means to go without clean water or rely on contaminated sources of water. Many people in Uganda lack the access to clean water and hence surviving on contaminated water, facing a life of threatening diseases like diarrhea, cholera and so many others, diseases that kill multiple people than neither Tuberculosis nor malaria.

At our orphanage there was the urgency of tap water. Our children used to get water from a well, we can’t say that it was fully clean water but it was enough for drinking.

Most time when you focus on something with all your minds and concentrate on it, you achieve it. We concentrated on bringing tap clean water to the orphanage and this year in the month of January it was achieved.

As though this wasn’t enough, we went ahead and also brought in a water filter, in the urge to ensure that our kids consume totally clean water as a way of preventing diseases and improving their health.

This was quite a great achievement, we are sure that this tap water is going to bring a huge impact on the livelihoods of our children at the orphanage. They won’t again walk miles just to get water and the filtering water machine is to help our children have a clean safe drinking water hence becoming free from the water borne diseases.

Children are everyone’s responsibility, so it is everyone’s duty to invest in them because for them lies the seeds of a great potential generation. They are not only the future but also the present. Yes we are guilty of many errors and faults but our worst crime would be deserting the children, neglecting the fountain of life. Since it is now that their bones are being formed, their blood made and their senses developed, lets support them and create a better life for the children in Uganda.

Clean water is vital for life, we need it for drinking, cooking, washing, bathing, and generally we need it in life. And we are glad we are able to provide it to our kids at the orphanage in Kalagi.

But what about the ones who don’t stay with us, how about the ones who are very deep in the villages of Uganda? When they are thirsty, where do they get the clean water? What kind of water do they use for cooking, washing or other basic chores?

Let’s also stretch a helping hand to both the little ones and adults who can’t access clean water. Perhaps we would send them bottled water for drinking, or may be construct a borehole at their village.

Yes, we can do it, we can change lives, we can empower lives and we can empower the next generation.

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