Uganda the pearl of Africa offers many volunteering opportunities to the local and global community. Love Uganda foundation is among the charity non-governmental organisations in Uganda you can join and volunteer. Volunteering is basically the altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial gain “to benefit another person, group or organization.

If you are passionate about helping to enlighten the future of several communities in Uganda, Love Uganda Foundation has its doors wide open. You can help in different sectors of health, education, construction, religion and any other area of your expertise. You can do the volunteer work either at our office in Kampala or at our home in Kalagi, Mukono district. At our home the children are always ready to welcome you with jolly faces and songs that will blow your mind away.

There is always need for medical support for the community and children at the home as well as train them about the best health practices. Love Uganda Foundation is looking to set up its own home for a well-planned environment for the children. You can help volunteer in the building process whether in planning or erection faze.

Volunteering is an activity that offers an immerse experience and a touch of transformation that takes place at the home. It reaches to the core of one’s heart and soul. You can also volunteer at any of our scheduled outreaches across the country as well as our missions.

It is very easy for one to become a volunteer at Love Uganda. All you need to let us by phone or email and specify how you would like to volunteer and the field. Our team will get back to you within a blink of an eye and you may be part of a life transforming story.

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