December 13, 2018
December 20, 2018

Planning for our children at the orphanage throughout this holiday

Our home is now a busy place, when you are just passing by, you start hearing little voices as though children at the orphanage are getting burnt in a house, shouting at each other, some singing and dancing, others playing, and of course some crying because that’s the nature of the young ones.

At such a moment, this is the right time to visit the orphanage. When the children are all so free, several volunteers, visitors and donors; people who want to impact lives of the orphans can now visit the orphanage and have unlimited fun with the children at any time of the day.

Unlike the previous days when the school term was still going on, where they always had to wake up very early in the morning so as to catch up with the school van. Come back in the evening, so tired and just do their homework and simple house chores and then rest in preparation for the next day. So the only chances that visitors had to come in would be on weekends.

Now they are in holidays, we should admit that we are really grateful to God that all our children at the orphanage were promoted to the next classes, and yes that is what we are, we are promoting little souls, rescuing, raising and empowering them with the brightest future we can.

Its holiday time, no schooling, just holiday work and other simple activities to engage them in. Now everyone is trying to bring out all their best imaginations, play the games they were missing at school. Some just want to sleep and relax whereas the little girls love being in the kitchen all the time, with their dolls trying to cook for their never crying babies.

The girls eagerly want to know what is for lunch and dinner each day that comes up, they say they are fed up of posho and beans because they have over taken it at school, so a day without posho or beans on the meal becomes their best day.

For the boys are not always bothered, they just go with the flow. Having their ball to play with around all day is simply enough, that’s their nature. But for our girls, this is the time we should nurture them very well, teach them how to bathe thoroughly, wash their clothes including their undies, learn how to cook and also talk to them as some are about to experience their adolescence.

This being a long term holiday for two full months, we want to ensure that our children at the orphanage benefit in all aspects. During this festive season, we have planned a sports day, and we want to use this event to spot out the different sports that each child can do best and perhaps that will give us a starting point in promoting their talents. We shall award simple gifts to the best performers as a motivator.

Before Christmas day still, we have planned to take our lovely kids for an end of year Christmas to a place not yet decided, but we have to because we want them to experience what other kids are experiencing, we also want to see them playing in the bouncing castles, swimming and eating ice cream. Yes, that is what every child would want.

Come January next year, we are starting serious studies, couching and holiday work as we prepare for the new term. Also music, dance and dramma won’t be left out, our children at the orphanage will learn how to sing, act and dance, we may be seated on a future award winning musician, who knows?

Basically that is what we have planned, however, we are very open to suggestions that can empower our children. We would openly embrace any child empowering idea that we would engage our children at the orphanage in during this long holiday.

Don’t hesitate to advise us in any way.

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