April 25, 2019
May 18, 2019

2.5 million is quite a huge number, yes, and now this is the sum of orphans in Uganda. The official definition says that you are an orphan when you do not have parents, but there are also different categories. A half orphan is a child, who has lost only one part of their parents and those who lost both of them are named total orphans.

The kids lost everything and are rejected to the help of others, but the resources are often not given, because the state cannot afford enough money to build new orphanages or extend the already existing ones. So in fact there is not enough money and also the people dealing with this vulnerable case are missing.

But everybody has the opportunity and possibilities to help these poor kids to change their lives a bit more lively. So this article informs you about 6 simple steps of supporting orphans in Uganda.

The easiest way to support orphans in Uganda is to donate clothes and shoes to these little and innocent souls. They could be old or new, but whichever the case, orphans in Uganda receive them with great joy. The kids are always so happy about new shirts or trousers even if they look a little bit used, that is no problem.

Another way to put a smile on the faces of these orphans is to donate toys. In Uganda, children are happy about every little plaything and some of them have never been even exposed to manufactured toys, all they know are the locally made balls and dolls from banana fibres in their lives before. It is very normal for children in Uganda to use old bottles, stones or generally rubbish and natural things for playing. So they would be really glad to receive some toys.

Education is not very common to all orphans in Uganda. The fact that most of them have been denied help from their relatives and the world at large, they lack tuition to attend school as well as scholastic materials such as paper, pens or books, shoes, text books and so many others. Sponsoring an orphan in Uganda and donating school materials, so that they can learn how to write and read.  And will be able to receive education to empower the next generation.

Further a great chance especially for students who finished school is to go as a volunteer to Uganda and help orphanages with child care. Sometimes the only thing that the kids need is a person to spend time with, love, care for and also help them re-arrange their simple things of life. The aim is to surround the kids with love and positive thoughts, even if it is just for a moment. It’s a great feeling to be with the children because they are so grateful about everything you do for them.

As well it is always possible to give them money, maybe for water and electricity bills, medication or anything else at their homes. Money is needed in almost all areas and even a small amount can help to build something great.

The biggest is to adopt one of these kids. You give them the chance to get a new family they never had. The kids have the possibility to get a great future with a good education in safe country. This is the biggest thing somebody can do for orphans in Uganda. So if you ever considered adopting a child, why not one who really needs the help and safety.

You can team up with Non-Government Organizations like Love Uganda Foundation that have envisioned at changing lives of millions of orphans and empowering the next generation.


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