May 8, 2019
May 30, 2019

Love Uganda Foundation

Did you know that 21% of the people in Uganda are needy? They live under poverty lines with no clothes, no education, lack shelter, no food, no medical care and other basic necessities of life. This is the very reason why we need to join hands and engage in Uganda’s charity activates to change lives of the suffering souls out here.

Quite sure countless people yearn to reach out to the needy souls in the African countries, particularly Uganda but keep asking themselves how best they can.

If you had such a question, wondering how you can change lives in Uganda, below are a few ways to best engage in Uganda’s charity activities.

Fundraising for charity. This is majorly done through churches, hospitals, schools and communities where different people rise a certain target of money and others things that can be beneficial to the charitable works like building materials, food stuffs, scholastic materials and others.

Volunteering is another way of engaging in charity activities. It involves various people coming together for a common cause, for example bringing tap water in a charity home, digging bores halls in  communities, empowering people with different skills in society like knitting, tailoring, mechanical works, carpentry works, plumbing and others.

More so, through straight talks. Engage in charity activities like taking to peers, teenagers about the value of education and the disadvantages of early marriages, domestic violence, and sex education such that needy boys and girls don’t become again victims of things they can avoid hence enlightening their future.

Furthermore, through donations. Interested people unite and collect things like scholastic materials, food stuffs, medical care, raise money inform of school fees, gifts and others and give them to the needy school going children.

Sponsoring a child. This is majorly done by people who have got passion to help others with an interest of changing their lives. Had a thought of empowering the next generation? The only way is through educating the little ones. Sponsor the orphans in Uganda.

Through engaging in sustainable developments and projects that have effective solutions. These activities include farming, animal rearing, poultry, were seeds and hybrids are given to the needy people respectively to rare and in the long run get profits that they can use to double their incomes.

Having done all the mentioned above, there is no way we shall leave behind a begging soul for mercy, lacking what to eat and probably with kids not going to school.

They are one of the few best ways that world changers have engaged in and moved countless lives to better their futures. If we only came together as a team, fundraised, sponsored children, volunteered in places where we are needed. The world would be a better place for everyone.

Thinking of how to do this? Just join NGOs like Love Uganda Foundation, those that have aimed and changing lives and empowering the next generation. Together we hold a better future for everyone.

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