January 24, 2019
February 3, 2019

Simple ways we can stop poverty in Uganda

Poverty in Uganda is principally understood as the lack of provision to satisfy the basic needs of some people in the country. People in extreme poverty are the ones living under the poverty line estimated to 2.50 United States dollars.

Currently, an estimated number of more than 8 million people live in poverty. It is reported poverty in Uganda keeps on rising day in day out. Even if the government of Uganda has put up different measures to cub the steadfast rising numbers of poor people, the fact is they have not worked.

Back then, the government of Uganda gave out money to the youth as “Entandikwa” small money to start up small scale businesses, but perhaps the youths of Uganda spent the money in enjoying life that no single development was realized in that campaign.

Yes, giving cash is an awesome way that makes a person rich enough to solve current problems, but it cant sustain someone all the time if not taught how to manage that money, and not learnt to attach any value to it.

The major cause of poverty in Uganda is illiteracy, that is the mainest challenge that is perturbing Uganda. These high levels of illiteracy have given birth to a disease called unemployment, and the moment one doesn’t have any source of income, that is a well off start for the journey of poverty.

In one opinion, education is the best way we can use to fully eradicate poverty in Uganda. The fact that if we are to tackle a problem, we uproot the causes, and illiteracy still standing as the major cause of poverty in Uganda, it is what we should fight most.

If we only started educating the young generation, the littlest children in the remote villages of Uganda who don’t have any access to education. If we opted for each of us to at least sponsor one child back to school, this clearly indicates that we shall raise a generation that is educated, that even if one is not employed in a company, he cannot fail to start up something and earn a living.

For the already grownups, whom we cannot take back to school, we can still do massive sensitization. Just to teach them how they can start up and manage small scale businesses. We can do different partnerships with small scale money lenders to carry out workshops that will teach people how they can best develop themselves.

More emphasis should be put on agriculture. People especially in the villages should be advised to put more emphasis in farming the fact that there is more vacant land for agriculture than in town. Agricultural products can never get off market, it is one sure deal where a farmer cannot fail to earn at least a living on a daily basis.

Otherwise, together we can fight and eradicate poverty in Uganda for each of us to live a just and fair life, one where we can attain at least all the basic needs of man.

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