January 11, 2019
January 31, 2019

Lets together stop child violence in uganda

Child violence in Uganda needs immediate attention

Child violence in Uganda is that major challenge that almost all people are so much used to seeing. It is everywhere and done all the time.

Unfortunately, child violence in Uganda is something bad happening and we are all overlooking it, yet we could easily overcome it with just humanity and kindness. All the power is in coming together and get involved in creating a better world for everyone.

We can fix the problem of child violence in Uganda with our opinions and ideas. And without any doubt, if we continue being innovative, a change can surely happen. We should just accept the fact that the children are the future and they need just treatment now. Remember, the way they are treated now, is how they will probably treat their children, lets teach them humanity now.

Without any exception, all forms of child violence in Uganda should be stopped with immediate effect, whichever the means could be. This is where we need your opinions and ideas, they are really valuable and will surely bring a change.

Whether threatened, physical or emotional violence, it can cause a permanent negative effect on the little one. Remember that sexual abuse, negligent treatment, exploitation and injury increase the chances of harming the child’s health, dignity and development. That is why it calls for instant attention.

Child violence in Uganda is one of the major causes of the increasing number of street children. Most of them feel that life on the streets of Kampala is far better than their homes where step parents subject them to daily beatings and heavy labor.

Countless children are inflicted with several scars of burnings, cainings and strangles, unfortunately, most of the tortured children don’t even have any access to help. The lucky ones have been saved by the neighbors, relatives and occasionally the police of Uganda has intervened in cases of child violence.

Children in Uganda suffer violence mostly from parents and the family relatives and others from the adults in the communities. Teachers have also been key in this case as number of children dropped out of school just because of the heavy punishments and cainings. A few children suffer physical violence from their fellow peers.

Putting all affirmations by citizen cases of violence, we all need to renew our commitment to stop child violence in Uganda. Yes, policy makers and lawmakers have tried their best to put children in Uganda as a top priority in all areas that affect them, such as the health and educational sector.

However, this is not enough. How can we fix problems that involve kids and teenagers without engaging them? Yes, our views and innovations are really valuable, but they will even become more impactful if also the young kids are involved in the campaign.

We all of us need to stand together and campaign against child violence in Uganda. Massive sensitization must be done both in towns and villages, making all people aware of the consequences of child violence.

It is very okay even if you are not among the team that real goes to the field, to advocate for the “stop child violence campaign”, you can still fund it. That way you’re also an indirect advocator, pushing the campaign forward because nothing can be done without financial support. So don’t be left out just because you are not on ground, you can still donate to the campaign.

And surely, we shall stop child violence in Uganda together as a team.

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