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October 25, 2021
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October 27, 2021

Africa is known to be a home of orphans measured in numbers. Africa has around 54 countries. The rate of poverty in Africa is alarming and solutions should be found as quickly as possible. The increased number of people affected and killed by HIV/AIDS, and malaria adds up to the death rates living many children orphans with either one parent died or both parents. In the same way, many have lost their parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The orphans are left at the mercy of people with good hearts to care and provide for them in terms of basic needs, health care, and educational services. Their pain is not measurable and no explanations can be given as to some are forced to grow up leaving their childhood. Imagine a child taking care of a fellow child to provide food, and other requirements to survive for a day.

According to the United Nations, Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) shows that around 32.1 million orphans leave in Africa. Nigeria is seen as the most orphaned country in Africa with 8.6 million orphans. Uganda and Kenya share several 2.3 million. Close to a quarter of African youths are orphaned under the age of 18 years.

Charities for orphans in Africa work to help orphans become something in the future. Below are some of the charities done to help orphans in Africa;

  • Donations help the orphans in Africa in many ways;

A donation gives an orphan a nutritious meal, clothing, health care, and education which help to break the chain of poverty and a bright future.

A donation provides a loving and safe home for an orphan in Africa. The orphan gets to have a roof on his or her head. That is not linking when it rains and where the sun is too much.

through sponsoring a child in Africa a child can have the following benefits. Sponsoring a child in Africa under the external program catered for the child’s lives in the community or with the family. Here a primary child will need around $30 a month that is a fee of 111,000 Uganda shillings and that of a second child is $50 a month which is 185,000 Uganda shillings. With this amount, the child can get scholastic materials, school fees, and clothes.

At Love Uganda Foundation sponsoring a child in a primary school, you need around $50 that is 185,000 Uganda shillings, and that for a secondary school you need around $100 a month that is 370,000 Uganda shillings. These cater for the child’s education in school; child’s health care and also caters for the basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter for them that is for a child living in an orphanage

Orphans in Africa also need mosquito nets in the fight against malaria as it causes death. Donations of mosquito nets and other health supplies can improve the health of the children and their families.

How are orphans helped in Africa?

Below are some of the ways;

  • Charities also can offer help through donations, volunteering programs.
  • Improving the lives of vulnerable children. They offer rehabilitation to children in their communities and support them until they become solid adults.
  • Some charities in Africa aim at ending orphanages. So that the children are given an option to stay with their extended families instead. They empower orphans to become properly functioning adults with equal chances and opportunities.
  • orphan educationJust in the same way charities offers refuge, love, and compassion to the orphaned children as a consequence of WW11. They provide long-term education, health care, and family care to children who no longer count on parental support.
  • Empowering orphans is also one of the works of charity in Africa. They support orphans through donations and charity support, health care, education mentorship, and activism projects.
  • Providing education opportunities, holistic care, and health care. They offer foster homes and shelters and also the adoption process. These programs include;
  • HIV and AIDS program
  • Pencil for Poor Program
  • Shelter for Shy Program
  • Clean Water for Children
  • Desk for Children Project
  • Roof for Rookies Project

To sum up, charities for orphans in Africa work hand in hand to improve the well-being of orphans. Even so, many aims at getting profits or wealth from donors. As for Love Uganda Foundation, it aims at empowering orphans and equipping them with skills to break the chain of poverty in their families.







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