February 20, 2019
March 9, 2019

Limited Health centers in Uganda’s villages increasing the deathrates of children

The health centers of Uganda are one of the worst in the world, but the development of local facilities and training of volunteers brings life-saving services to thousands of people in Uganda especially rural areas.

About sixty percent of children in villages of Uganda under the age of 5 years suffer from preventable diseases like diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia and so many others. Worst of all, when a child falls sick, their parents don’t have options of helping them get better.

For most people in the city centers have family doctors, family hospitals and life moves smoothly. While others have medical insurance, they go to the hospital anytime they don’t feel okay.

But what of those that can’t afford to go to the hospital, those that can’t access the health facilities, not only because of lack of money, but also because there are no health facilities in their area.

Most rural areas in Uganda have no health centers and even the few that have, are several miles away from their homes. It becomes so discouraging, a sick person having to walk long distances for medication. Imagine, you are weak yet you have a whole seven mile journey to the hospital.

Life in the remote areas of Uganda is tough health wise, that some can’t even afford the simple life saving medics like de-worming drugs, vitamins and supplements plus many others.

Love Uganda foundation focuses on improving the availability and accessibility of basic medicines and products used to prevent and treat illnesses in the rural communities, providing medical equipment’s to understaffed healthcare centers, provide training and financial support as needed.

When we get the treated mosquito nets we distribute them to different villages to reduce the spread of the malaria. Our volunteer nurses work with the rural healthcare centers to treat patients, dispense prescriptions, give eye exams and also provide dental exams as needed.

It is our duty to mind the cry of these children and people particularly those in remote areas of Uganda. There was an incidence where the minister was doing some state duties and he fainted. It was so sad news there was no any nearby health center to give him first aid.

Now just suppose it is a poor child, we would have lost that innocent soul. It is our duty to do something, that which will bring a change in the health centers Uganda.

The government should send medicine to such local health centers and also come up with strict laws against doctors who rob government hospital medicine. And all doctors who don’t show up on duty to provide services to the people in the health centers in Uganda.

Now this is what you can do in support of the improvement of the local health centers, you can register with us and volunteer in different health centers or you can also donate medical equipment’s or give in financial support.

Note that children are everyone’s responsibility, so it’s our responsibility to ensure they are healthy. For in them lies the seeds of a Great Potential Generation. And not only are they the future but also are the present.

We are guilty of many errors and faults, but our worst crime would be deserting the children, neglecting the fountain of life. Many of the things we need can wait but with a child cannot. Now is the time their bones are being formed, their blood made and their senses developed. To them we cannot answer “Tomorrow”, their name is “today.”


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