September 5, 2016
Annual Children’s Hope Gala
November 16, 2016

My son and I had a good time sharing moments with everyone at the Foundation. I was especially glad to see the much you treasure in having young orphans live a normal life with education, health, shelter and above all, good social life that most orphans tend to lack. The care you give to them is tremendous. Also, I want to appreciate the way you are grooming them with Christianity, teaching them to know God. It is very important. I was surprised that you also contain Muslims under your care yet you believe in Christianity!

And myself I believe it’s about how you receive God /Allah in your heart but not what you believe in. Thanks to McMillan who managed to give my son and I an opportunity to come at the orphanage and we do some volunteering even though it was for a short while, we managed to understand and know that some people like McMillan still exits and they will work so hard to see that children are getting education, health, a and other basics services. Because I believe that if it’s not about the good hearts of people McMillan, these children will be in the bad states or even in prison! Thank God the man of God read through lines and set up such a home to accommodate the orphan, street kids and the elderly so that they can feel that they have a home. Since I am a mom of one, I volunteered at the foundation by donating some food staffs which were to be given to these children and also I was able to join them on my last day to clean up the home and fumigating the place to kill mosquitoes and many other things which would come near the home to harm the children.

Since I was in Uganda for the safaris, that’s how I came to know about the foundation and it was great that I had travelled with the co-founders of the foundation in the safaris because love Uganda safaris is the mother company of love Uganda foundation and that’s how McMillan invited me to visit the home for one or two days if at all it was fine with me. And that there was no way I was going to trash that idea away because I love children and for that reason I accepted to extend my stay in Uganda so that I can have a chance to volunteer and look at the young generation. All I can say love Uganda foundation is doing a good job and every one out there should at least donate something directly to the foundation account or at least travel with love Uganda safaris on a Uganda safaris because they give back 40% of the money they get on a safaris to the orphanage

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