I loved staying with the kids at the Orphanage. It made my summer holiday great. Sara is an amazing girl. She was always cheerful and loved playing all the time. I will really miss them all until I return to Uganda. The Trip you gave me to Murchison also made my holiday amazingly good. I will always talk about you whenever am given an opportunity especially in my Church here in the States. Thanks to love Uganda safaris management for putting up such a foundation which takes care of the you generation and I was pleased for having got a chance of visiting this home while on my Uganda safaris. All I can is that love Uganda safaris as a travel company is the best so far I have used in Uganda because they gave me the best services while on my safaris.

Like the gave me the best guide who was mature enough and also experienced because Ben never let me to sleep on the safaris because he kept me not bored by telling stories about Uganda and Murchison falls park. The hotels and lodges they booked for me were very good with the best customer service number in that they supplied with me all the local food I asked for and indeed the Uganda safaris with love Uganda safaris was the best experience I have ever had in my history about safaris. And it is because of my good experience in the safaris that made me trust the love Uganda foundation and safaris since it was under one management.

I agreed to check out the orphanage and got to meet very brave and young people who increased for my love for Uganda. I happened to help in various activities at the home of children like fetching water from the tap, collecting fire wood and also as well financing some of the activities at the foundation with the little money I had left with since I had come to Uganda for the safaris and then had to do volunteering at the love Uganda foundation because I never got any problems with the love Uganda safaris team.

And I can say I will always tell my friends who want to do charity to come to your foundation and donate some staff plus those willing to come for an African safari because love Uganda safaris made me love Uganda and I will keep repeating it that I never got time to complain about anything during my time of stay at the foundation and also in my safari. But all I can say me volunteering at the foundation was like a free service I got from love Uganda safaris because I happened to do free cultural tours and encounters.  



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