I came to Uganda for a safari but I was grateful to find such a friendly company from you. Taking me to your Orphanage was like a dream come true because me and children you cannot separate us. I had 6 months to spend in Uganda and I had no idea how I would spend all that time until you introduced me to the Orphanage where I was able to learn more and also carry out of the voluntary activities at the orphanage.

Engaging in farming had a lot to teach me since in my life I had never held a hoe to dig the ground but because of love Uganda safaris, I was able to have the nest volunteering experience at this orphanage. I learnt how to plant crops in a local way without using any machines. Since I was in Uganda for 6 months, I had a lot of time with the children at the orphanage to an extent that I started driving them to school as part of helping them cut the distance of walking and also reaching at school when they are late.

So in the course when the children were at school, I used to engage myself in the kitchen with the rest of the team to prepare lunch and supper for the children and also wash some of their school uniforms which they were supposed to put on the next day because McMillan set standard for this home that it’s a home not an orphanage in that no child should go out or school with a dirty uniform because they are not street kids! Hope you understand what I mean. With the six months I spent at the children’s home, I even got a chance to test some of the crops we had planted like beans and that was so amazing to see a germinate until we cooked it again.

It was an amazing experience and time consuming which kept me busy and occupied with children’s work while on my stay in Uganda and to like I said I love being with children a lot and the reason I agreed to become an ambassador in my country so that I can mobilize some donations from good Samaritans so that we can send them back to McMillan to take them the foundation because we believe the children have to be empowered so that we can make the world a better place to live in

Thanks to the good hearted people of Uganda because during my six months stay, I was treated like a guest from day one until the day I boarded my flight back home. And that’s not found anywhere but it’s just that the people of Uganda are so kind and hospitable to stay with any one in good terms.



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