At the time when I contacted you, I had two mindsets. One mindset told me that I would land on con men like I had done before. But on the contrary, I got to prominent guys whose dream is to influence the next generation. I was motivated by all that you do. Taking care of Orphans and Widows is seen as not very important in the eyes of many, you are however, different. I was glad that my first donation helped kids to get clothes. I will always send in my support where possible. You inspired me and I will share the gospel to everyone in my Church and see how we can get more and more donations to your foundation.

To put more light on the mindset I had, like I said I thought I would land on con men like before because I was once conned and robbed while I was trying to think I was helping some people. But big thanks to McMillan himself and the team because he never disappointed because on landing on an African land Uganda, I got to witness each and every thing he was telling me. I visited the orphanage and it was so user friendly in that it was on standards for it to be called a home for any other person or even better to the other people in Uganda who do work for themselves. But love Uganda foundation with the help of love Uganda safaris have managed to put up such a wonderful project to help the young generation.

Since Love Uganda safaris deals in Uganda safaris, I was given a discounted offer to do a short tour to the source of river Nile since McMillan told me that still I will be supporting the foundation because the 40% of the funds will be channeled to the foundation and for that reason I had to accept the offer since I had also trusted the company and I expected all the best from the short tour. On the tour, I was given Ben as my guide and driver and to tell you the truth this guy was so cool in a way that he was so kind and treated like a diplomat. Ben kept me with the stories while on the way to the source of the Nile while I was also enjoying the drive.

On reaching Jinja he drove me to the Nile River where I was supposed to take a boat on the Lake Victoria in order to reach on the real source where the Nile River starts its flow of water to the red sea. After the short trip, we came back to Kampala for resting as I used to go check out the kids every day because I was still having some few days in Uganda. While still in Uganda with love Uganda foundation, I happened to volunteer at the offices by updating their website since website designing was my profession.

I enjoyed the stay at office with Amos and the rest of the team because the customer service in the office was 100% good. So if you want to donate or travel to Uganda for the volunteering safaris, Love Uganda safaris is the link to all those things because they own a safaris company and also a foundation which takes care of the orphans and widows.



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