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Uganda orphans
Uganda orphans deeply pleased as iTel Mobile visits Love Uganda Foundation Orphanage Home
October 4, 2017
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Doing Charity In Uganda To Empower The Next Generation
October 7, 2017


Uganda is home to the world’s youngest population with about 48% under the age of 15. As the 2014 National census, more than half of the population is classified as children. Furthermore 23% is tha population range from 18 to 30 years. These facts and figures immensely indicate the rich human capital the Pearl of Africa has and this is why at Love Uganda Foundation we care about children – that’s why we stand with Uganda children (majorly orphans & street children).

Uganda children eating(Ugandan) Children are a blessing from God and that can’t be refuted even in Uganda. As per many traditions in Uganda, a man isn’t really a man without children. The many children the more respect accorded to you in society. This why in ancient days one household would have over 15 children. That is however rare nowadays with the introduction of family planning methods and education. Children in Uganda today face many challenges and are often victims of many unfortunate events.

Love Uganda Foundation is at the forefront of securing a better life for many children of Uganda. The charity has outreach programs in Northern Uganda especially in Gulu district. The northern region has been home to many conflicts including the Alice Akwena led rebellion and the popular but devastating LRA insurgency. The latter left many children homeless and orphaned. This resulted into many fleeing their homes to the main Gulu city for protection and the main capital Kampala.Uganda Children celebrates at the Orphanage

Several years after the Lord’s Resistance Army was kicked out of Uganda, the life of the children of Uganda that call the north home is not yet back to normal. Many lost their loved ones, some were taken as child soldiers not forgetting the gross violation of their rights. Love Uganda with help from various partners has been able to provide skills to the girl-child, women and elderly so as they can generate income for themselves. By so doing the foundation is helping secure a brighter future for the children that are in the care of the women and elderly.

To crown it all, Love Uganda Foundation has a orphanage home that houses 15 children and provides a conducive environment for their growth. The charity is also keeping 30 students in school by taking full responsibility for their school dues. The program named “Keep an orphan in school “ is undertaken in three communities of Ruhijja- Kabale, Paichor-Gulu, Kateete-Mukono and looks to expand in years to come.

Our story at Love Uganda Foundation is one sacred to the children of Uganda. Its one of new possibilities, new frontiers and hope of empowering generations.

You can join us as we create lifelong influences to these children’s (orphans) lives today, because without Ugandan children, tomorrow there is no Uganda.

Uganda children

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