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Uganda Children – Ugandan orphan child – Help Uganda child
October 7, 2017
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Help Uganda Orphans, Empower Generations In 3 Easy Ways
October 18, 2017


Vernon Johnson in one of the best rhetoric we hold treasure said “ Be ashamed to die until you have done something good for mankind”. At the Love Uganda Foundation we dedicate ourselves towards service. Service towards others and that is why our day to day motto speaks of empowering the future generation.

Uganda is a nation situated in East Africa boasting of a population of over 35 million people. Commonly referred to as the Pearl of Africa, it is blessed with verdant flora and fauna. This nation has a rich past of joys and tears. Many times it has fallen and every time it has risen from the ashes like a phoenix. Moving forward we understand that education is key in securing a brighter future for the next generation. With the right knowledge the mistakes of the past though cannot be done can be avoided. The hopes of our motherland can be secured and that’s why Love Uganda Foundation makes provision of quality education as their main objective.

Our founder the Late Emmanuel McMillan Kitumba had onerous childhood with the basic necessities almost deemed a luxury. Through thick and thin, Emmanuel was able to attend school and his family went on to support the community that has been hit hard by the Helping Children out of CharityHIV/AIDS pandemic. Emmanuel; God is with us, seemed just to have been the right name and he really put God at the center. In 2008, Emmanuel McMilan completed his course as sponsored Bible Scholar in Botswana. With deepest gratitude, Emmanuel set out to do to others as had been done to him by his sponsor Andrew McMillan from which he derives he name.

2010 tells of the genesis of the charity organisation that was legalised and registered by the Government of Uganda as an NGO. Emmanuel unfortunately passed away in an accident in 2016 but his life wasn’t in vain. Today his brothers have picked up the organisation and are steering it to greater heights. With education as their key objective, Love Uganda Foundation is keeping 30 children in school. there is no doubt that these will one day be influential and responsible citizens building the nation. Emmanuel with the knowledge acquired was able to set up today one of the most reputable travel agencies that is tapping into the tourism sector which today is Uganda’s biggest export and forex earner.
Out of Charity in Uganda
These children are equiped also with numerous skills like Information Technology that today fosters the global environment forward. The government has set universal education but the goal of an empowered generation seems far from such programs. Love Uganda doesn’t only focus on education we ensure it is quality education. With quality, formidable and substantial change is possible for a nation.

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.”

The latter are the words of the African revolutionary leader Nelson Mandela who continues to stress out the need for e

ducation. Education in history helped us overcome our colonial masters, now and the time it is the right tool for development. At Love Uganda this is part and parcel of our journey, we are liberating minds of the youth of this country and when they know better. We can be certain of the fruitful roles “For God and their country”.

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