Help Uganda Orphans, Empower Generations In 3 Easy Ways

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Doing Charity In Uganda To Empower The Next Generation
October 7, 2017
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Orphans In Uganda – Orphans Of Uganda – Uganda Orphans
October 18, 2017


Help Uganda orphans

We all want to do big things in this world. We want to be agent agents of change and make a big difference. This however isn’t as easy as it sounds and we hardly think its possible. Excuse of time, capability and etc crop up all around a us and in the end sometimes we do nothing at all. We often forget that we are made in the image of the creator and endowed by him to do big things. This all starts with the little things we can do. Little things trancend into big things with time and Love Uganda Foundation believes that in doing little things well we help achieve bigger things.

At Love Uganda Foundation we believe in 3 simple ways to cause change and you too can help us reach our goal of empowering the next Orphans in Uganda, Uganda orphans, Orphans Ugandageneration. We want those that come after us to have a better and productive life, they are our greatest hope and treasure. You can join the cause through these trident ways.

Volunteering is at the core of the ways one can empower the next generation. This gives one the opportunity to step in and impact on the lives of our patrons the children. Through participating in the life changing activities this is gives an immerse experience that one ought not to forget. Volunteering should be done by any of those who have quite a couple of time on their hand. We welcome various personalities and professions that can train and better enlighten the children.
Medical and construction teams are also welcome to provide medical services to the community at the home as well as help build infrastructure for the generations. God is at the center of our cause so evangelize and education about God and many life values is very much welcome.

donate to empower Uganda orphansWant to help out but you don’t have much time on your hands, you can donate. Your contribution is vital to Love Uganda Foundation and helps us provide the basics of food and medical care to those in our hands. We as a charity organisation have different external programmes that could use your help as well as helping provide quality education for the next generation. Please get in touch here if you would like to make a donation.

Last but not least, you can partner with Love Uganda Foundation and raise awareness in the community and world at large. Become an advocate for change by working with us. Our foundation is a reputable and one of the life impacting charity organisations in Uganda. There various avenues you can involve in, the goal to empower the generation.

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