Uganda orphan wants to be a doctor after receiving gifts from Japan & Ukraine

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December 14, 2017
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Uganda orphan wants to be a doctor after receiving gifts from Japan & Ukraine

It is never easy for everybody to travel to a distant place like Africa, however much they would. As a team, we revised ways of which we would avail everybody an opportunity to participate in this cause, and one of this was to simply allow one Raise support/Awareness of this great need wherever they are located. You could simply raise awareness in your school, church, market, work place, government about the need to support and reach out to the most vulnerable people in the hurting communities of in Uganda through Love Uganda Foundation.
Our website is doing a great job of making people all over the Diaspora know our causes and the need of help the Ugandan kids need. We got mails from Japan and Ukraine telling us that they want to donate to gifts to our kids in Uganda; at first we thought they are scammers but after receiving the gifts in our hands from the post office we believed that they weren’t scammers.

The Japaneses from a company called world gift of contribution team donated pens, colored pencils, note books, wooden dolls and many others. We thank God we received double donations one from Japan and the other came from Ukraine like love Uganda foundation received double blessings.
Ukraine donated dolls, sweets, pens, colored pencils, food stuff, biscuit and many others.
The orphans and vulnerable children of Uganda don’t need much but just to be loved and cared for. The Japan’s and Ukraine showed their love to them by donating gifts to them. These kids are innocent and didn’t commit any crime to deserve this of being orphans that’s why love Uganda
foundation adopted them.

These kids they were full of enjoy and smiles on their faces during the time we gave them the gifts from Japan and Ukraine, we think they knew that their people who care for them and we know that they are going to use the gifts to struggle for their future by using the books, pens and colored
pencils at school.
In conclusion, we thank the World gift of contribution team from Japan and the team from Ukraine for donating gifts to us May God blesses them.

We call all people, companies and others around the Diaspora to stand with us in the causes we are in of bring these kids to their future. You can send money or gifts to these children.
There is no donation that is too small to make a difference. Let’s give these kids a chance to fight against poverty by achieving their goals.

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